Quilt National '09

9/13/11 - 11/13/11: Moorhead, MN--[Collection C]
Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County
Moorhead, Minnesota
PBS - "The Art of Quilting"
Bob Adams
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Well I guess my expectations were a little lofty.  I thought Bob could just
ramble on and I would type up what he was saying and I could send out a
great newsletter.  I didn't realize it would be such an undertaking.  I need a
program that could gather your names as you submitted them and send
out the newsletter at the same time.  Then we had a chance to spend a
good part of the winter in California with the grandkids and that was
wonderful.  I still plan on doing the newsletter but not until I have a way to
automate the sending.  If you have an idea drop me an e-mail.  Thanks.
Natalie  (send suggestions to:  webmaster@bobadamsart.com )
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