Bob likes to teach in a way that brings out the individual in each
student.  He doesn't want to end up with a class of clones, believing
instead that every student has their own unique way of working and a
very personal feeling for what they’re seeking to achieve. He’s able to
draw students out of their comfort zone and inspire them to take what
they have to offer in their own direction. Bob fosters problem solving.  
Students inevitably face problems at some (if not many) stages of
process and he wants them to be able to work things through and come
up with solutions.  He feels most students don't give themselves
enough credit for their potential and wants them to develop on a very
personal level, rather than being spoon fed.  Group and individual
critiques are always a feature of the class, encouraging students to
look, reflect and extract the learning they've had, and how to take it

Honorable Discharge

Duration; 3 days
Level:  Suitable for all levels
This class will enable students to explore a variety of discharge techniques
using bleach, Thiox and Formosol.  You will explore the color, line, shape and
texture that is possible through discharge using various surface applications;
shibori, spraying, stamping, printing, painting and resists.  Students will
constantly be evaluating their results and be encouraged to explore the
layering of different discharge chemicals and application methods.

5 days
Description:  Same as above but color is added on last two days with dyes,
textile paint, or thread.

Color, Texture, Line & Shape with free-motion

Duration; 5 days
Level:  Suitable for all levels (students need to be familiar with their sewing
machine and free-motion sewing)

This class will enable you to explore using thread as a drawing tool.  You will
be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone in the following way;

•        Loosening up your approach to stitching
•        Exploring the importance of thread
•        Color selection; the discovery that unexpected or ‘weird’color
combinations can surprise and delight you
•        Exploring how color is affected by its environment and can be used to
emphasize or neutralize shape

Paper - Rock - Scissors
1, 3, or 5 day workshop

This is an exploratory class experimenting with found materials, objects, cloth,
paper, paint and drawing materials. You will create a plethora of designs on
paper (your own mark) for future quilts.

Print Making

Teaching Fee:
$600.00 per day (6-7 hours, limit 18 students)
supply list and cost per student varies depending on class

Travel Costs:
all travel costs including either coach airfare, airport parking, tips, taxi, shuttle or other
ground expenses, or mileage at U.S. GSA POV mileage Reimbursement Rate of $0.50
(effective 12/01/2010)

Food and Lodging:
all food and lodging must be provided including the night before class and the last day of

For more information contact Bob or Natalie at
765 446-227 or e-mail or