Studio Classes:

1 day - $150.00
2 day - $280.00
3 day - $390.00
4 day - $480.00
5 day - $550.00
Design your own class.

Pick your time and subject and come play
and learn in the studio.  Send an e-mail and
let me know what you want to do.
I am offering classes in my studio. Stitching, discharging, dyeing, color
theory, print making, paper lamination, you name it.  I would like to
keep the classes small.  No more than four or five students at a time
and as few as one.  The classes would be 6 hours a day on your
schedule...that means if you are an early bird we can start early or if
you like to sleep in we can start later.   There might be an additional
supply charge depending on the class. (Mostly dye and discharge
classes for chemicals).  The 5 day class taught off site can be covered
in 3 or 4 days with only 4 in a class as opposed to 20 students. When
you take a 4 or 5 day workshop at the studio you receive a wealth of
information and ideas.   There are many reasonable hotels within 1 or
2 miles.  My wife is willing to give short computer classes during the
week also if anyone is interested in setting up a web site, learning
PowerPoint or some tips on Photoshop.  This would be included and
would be held one on one when you had the time during the week (it
would come out of Bob's time.)  If this sounds interesting, let us know.  
You can gather some friends (not too many) and come to Indiana.  We
are a short hour from the Indianapolis airport and less than 2 miles
from I-65. There is more than corn, soybeans, and humidity in Indiana.
Just send an e-mail to: and let
me know what you would like to
learn and when.  I only do
discharge when we can work
outside which limits us to spring,
summer and fall.